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Franchising is at the core of our expansion strategy. At Pizza Burst, we have been engaging with franchising partners through proprietary models that are based on our experience over the past years. These models are of the highest international standards of franchising.

Operator Franchisee

Through this model you could own and operate your own Pizza Burst outlet, which could be one or more in number.

Master Franchisee

n this franchisee model, you have a territorial right to the franchisee, generally covering a state, where you can own a number of outlets in the particular territory and can even sub-franchise these outlets. These outlets in turn can be operated by professional outlet managers or by sub franchisees. As a master franchisee, you will have to work closely with the corporate team to provide operational support to these outlets and share the franchising revenue earned through your territory.
This is an investment intensive model, where you will have to build and maintain infrastructure to manage the outlets in your territory.

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